Midterms: On the Path to College

By Allegra Gutierrez

As the first semester of 2015 comes to an end, everyone begins to stress about Midterms. Especially the seniors, who know this is their last set of finals, but know these scores are still sent to the colleges they have applied to. “It’s nice that these are our last finals, but there is still pressure because the colleges are going to see these, so we have to make a good last impression.” says senior Olivia Taverner ’15. Many seniors are also burdened with the idea of their multiple finals in AP classes. Some are taking as many as 4 APs. However I wanted to focus less on the weight these final midterms have on our seniors, but more on how they study for them–at this point, you could say they are experts. It was interesting to see how each senior has their own method of studying that works for them.

“I usually just study the night before each test, just looking and reviewing the notes. I study a little more in advance for physics though.” explains Gabby Bacio ’15.

Maddie Bender ’15 follows the golden rule of practice makes perfect. “Doing practice problems, especially for math, is really helpful for me. When I come across a problem I don’t know I’ll look in the book. I also look over my old tests to see what I got wrong in the past.”

Aimee Mousessian ‘15, uses the materials her teachers give her, “When the teachers sometimes give us review packets I go over those, I do the problems they give us as well.”

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