Making the Most Out of a Three-Day Break

By Adrienne Jo

After enjoying the two-week winter break recently, we have been granted a day off today, Monday January 19, to appreciate and celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Westridge tigers have been using this three-day break to embark on a variety of events. Some have used this opportunity to catch up on Netflix shows, such as Friends and Gilmore girls, while others have used this break to catch on up academic endeavors. Specifically, the midterm exams are on the back of every upper schoolers’ mind. Thus, some upper schoolers have utilized this three-day period to review trigonometry and prepare study guides for their history exams.

Mariko DeNapoli '15 poses next to Nicholas Cage’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Mariko DeNapoli ’15 poses next to Nicholas Cage’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Mari DeNapoli ’15 found a solution to make the most of her break by exerting her efforts toward both activities: relaxation and academic assignments. On Saturday, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and take a risk by driving down to Hollywood, which represents a land of reckless drivers full of tourists who aren’t familiar with the driving style of a fast-paced, metropolitan city. While it was petrifying, she claims that it was worth it! Spending the entire day in Hollywood, she bought pens at a stationary store, immersed herself in the LA culture by trying numerous ethnically diverse foods only found in the “City of Angels,” and ended the night with “Strawberry French Toast” ice cream. She then spent the remaining portion of break compiling notes for the upcoming AP Biology midterm. Thus, she was productive in an academic manner, while also experiencing adventure!

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