Movie Review: “The Theory of Everything”

By Sophia Spezialy

“The Theory of Everything” is a film that takes you through the journey of Stephen Hawking’s relationships and scientific discoveries as he battles Lou Gehrig’s disease. Directed by James Marsh, this heartbreaking love story stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. As someone who knew little to nothing about Lou Gehrig’s disease, a gradual degradation of the motor neurons of the central nervous system, which leads to paralysis, it was incredible to see the real pain and challenges it causes in such a beautiful way. Both actors are brilliant and the director interpreted Hawking’s life in this romantic heartbreaking drama. The score, screenplay, acting and cinematography have each been nominated for Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Critics Choice, and more. This is a strong contender to win best motion picture drama at the Golden Globes, and rightfully so. If you want to be inspired and teary eyed in a two-hour picture, I definitely recommend it.

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