Westridge’s Own Student-Pilot: Justine Martin!

By Penelope Boone

Most students in the eleventh and twelfth grades at Westridge have their driver’s license, but junior Justine Martin has something even more exciting: a pilot’s license.

Keep reading for some questions and answers about being a student-pilot with Justine!

Penelope Boone: “When did you get your pilot’s license?”

Justine Martin: “I received it over the summer, you can’t get one until you are 16, and then a full license when you are 17, which I am right now.”

PB: “How did you become interested in flying?”

JM: “Since I was really young, because I wanted to join the Air Force like my grandfather”

PB: “What does a pilot’s license entail?”

JM: “I have the permission to legally operate certain types of aircraft.”

PB: “Do you want to go into aviation when you grow up?”

JM: “Not as an official profession, but I do intend on being able to fly my own plane when I’m an adult, as well as being in the military.”

PB: “How much did you train for the license?”

JM: “I’m still involved in it, and it’s very difficult but definitely worth the effort

PB: “How was the pilot’s test?”

JM: “There are several different tests you have to take to grant you access to different privileges and abilities as a pilot, but all of them are hard.”

PB: “So can you officially fly a legit plane?”

JM: “Yes, but I haven’t soloed yet”

PB: “Was the process similar to getting a driver’s license?”

JM: “It is very difficult, yeah, kind of the same”

PB: “What would you say to other people aspiring to get their pilot’s license?”

JM: “Definitely check out the organization I’m in: Aviation Explorers Post 747. It’s a group of teenagers all working towards getting their licence, and just by taking a starter flight and enrolling in the program you get a discount on lessons. Everyone is super nice, and it would be awesome to see more people at the meetings, and I’d say it’s worth checking out even if you’re not so sure about if you really want to be a pilot or not. Here’s a link to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aviation-Explorers-Post-747-158869271174/

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