Do Not Disturb: Napping at Westridge

By Quyen Mullin

Upper School at Westridge is basically a survival course. Students are running uphill as hard and fast as they can, attempting to carry a load that includes classwork, homework, sports/arts, social lives, family obligations and any kind of downtime they can find to catch up on their favorite shows. It’s no surprise that many are experiencing a lack of sleep.

Polling 10 Upper Schoolers in different grades and adding up their average amount of weeknight sleep yielded a median of 6.2 hours. Experts say that amount is inadequate. According a UCLA study, “the average teen needs about nine hours of sleep each night to feel alert and well rested.” So, what’s the solution? For many Upper Schoolers it’s napping, and students have found their favorite spots to catch some extra z’s.

Grace Peacore. ‘17 finds that the costume shop in the lower level is PAC is the ideal spot to curl up and drift off. For Aron Guevara. ‘18 the carpeted floor of the library is perfect, and she uses her backpack as a pillow. Aleen Babikian. ‘19 requires no such comforts, and is happy to lay down on the bricks near Mr. K’s office to make up for a long night of homework. Ava Horner. ‘20 simply crashes out on the benches near her lunch spot in The Commons.

On the hard road that is Upper School at Westridge, their are times when one would be well-advised to tiptoe softly. Someone might be napping nearby, and they really need that extra sleep.

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