Spring Sports Kick Off

By Samantha Khalsa


This past Tuesday, February 17th, the Spring Sports season began with practices for Track and Field, Swimming, Lacrosse, and Softball.  While some students transitioned directly from their winter sport practices, others have spent the last week conditioning afterschool with Coach Kaaron Conwright, who runs Strength and Conditioning and coaches Track and Field, by running hills, training in the weight room and completing circuit exercises targeting strength and balance in order to prepare for the season.

Stephanie Davis ‘17, who plays lacrosse, looks forward to playing with a new group of schools compared to last year.  “I’m really excited for lacrosse because we are playing new teams this year.  It’s not really a league, but we get to play a lot of schools around Los Angeles, so I’m really excited to have those new experiences,” she said.

Similarly, Freshman Katherine Kurohara ‘18 looks forward to the experience of being on Westridge’s high school lacrosse team.  “I’m excited to have a new experience, make new friends, have fun and […] manage my time with school but still be able to enjoy the sport,” she said.

For seniors, the last season of sports can be bittersweet as they cherish their time with their team while preparing to leave for college, like for track athlete Kaitlin Cochran ‘15. “I’m really excited that I’m able to participate in such a community activity such as sports, and especially track, where we all kind of suffer together. I’m going to miss it a lot, but at the same time, I’m really excited to move on and further my interest in it by going to college and participating in track there,” she said.

Regardless of age or ability, sports at Westridge provide girls with the opportunity to challenge themselves while bonding with friends.  Noelle Martinez ‘17, who is participating on the track team for the first time, enjoyed Coach Kaaron’s first-practice speech and looks forward to the season. “It’s definitely going to be a good journey for me, learning how to work through things, and like Coach Kaaron was saying, it’s not just ‘run this under a certain amount of time.’  It’s all about overcoming your personal challenges, being confident in yourself and being able to motivate yourself and push through things even when they’re hard.  And we talked about how after you get over that hurdle, it’s really liberating and rewarding,” she said.

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