The Last Bookstore


Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


By Maddy Kirschenbaum

Looking for a place to hang out in LA with your friends that’s fun and affordable? I’ve got the place for you!  One of Los Angeles’ hidden treasures is The Last Bookstore.  Located on the corner of 5th and Spring, only blocks away from Kazu Nori (hand roll sushi bar), Big Man Bakes (a cupcake shop), and Grand Central Market, The Last Bookstore consists of over 250,000 books as well as thousands of records and graphic novels making it the largest new and used book and record store in California.  But, the real treats can be found upstairs on the second level of the building.  This level includes a tunnel of books, hidden rooms, little shops, artwork and an impressive large maze-like area that contains over 100,00 used books.  Another great aspect that The Last Bookstore offers is their events.  Book, poem, and literary readings are held at The Last Bookstore, as well as a Halloween costume ball, trivia nights and even weddings.  The Last Bookstore is definitely one of the best options for an affordable and fun excursion in LA.

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