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The Complexity of Kaepernick

By Ronni Husmann In a sport that is said to define the patriotism of America, Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49’s has sparked contention within our country about our behavior towards equality. During the NFL pre-season, Kaepernick has sat during the National Anthem as it plays before the games, an unconventional action that breaks

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Students Represent Westridge at International Women of Courage Celebration

By Stephanie Davis On Thursday April 7th, the American Women for International Understanding hosted the 9th annual International Women of Courage Celebration at the Jonathan Club in downtown Los Angeles. It is a collaboration with the State Department to recognize courageous women leaders throughout the world. In 2016, 14 women were honored with the award,

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The College Game

By Marney Wood The day that lives in history: that one time I was asked by three complete strangers within two hours where I wanted to go to college. It started with the cashier at Vroman’s, then the optometrist found out I was a Senior, and finally a waiter asked that ominous question. Not only

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Westridge Implements New Wi-Fi System

By Samantha Khalsa Starting March 8, Westridge implemented the new Safe Connect Network Access Control System to revamp Wi-Fi on campus.  In order to use the new network, students’ laptops must meet new security requirements, including up-to-date virus and malware protection.  While generally successful, the new network came with student complaints of slower connections and

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