All These Sleepless Nights Review

By Jane Avery

When scrolling through your suggested films, tv shows, and documentaries on Netflix to find something to watch, it can get pretty overwhelming. Do I want this experience to evoke gut crushing laughter or a tragic meltdown of mascara-tainted tears? Do I want to gain a novel and profoundly heartbreaking devotion to destroying sea-world? Or the pure joy of re-watching all six seasons of iCarly? Again. It was just the other night, when, after spending an excessive amount of time uncertain and uninterested, I finally landed on the movie All These Sleepless Nights. And really, it’s not quite a movie. I did some research afterwards and it’s actually a hybrid of a fictional feature film and a documentary; a semi-revolutionary kind of genre. I at least, the daughter of a seasoned and workaholic documentary film-maker whose favorite pastime is making her daughters watch subtitled films they would otherwise aggressively avoid, had never seen or heard anything like it. And even more than defying any conventional genre, All These Sleepless Nights somehow doesn’t have much of a plot. Like at all. The work comes to life in Warsaw, Poland, while accompanying two often inebriated and always awake twenty-something art students through a myriad of indistinguishable twilight parties and midnight mischief. The two youth who are the subjects of this piece, alarmingly inquirious and so charming you’ll fall in love before an hour is up, grapple with the needy sorrow of heartbreak, a desperation for thrill,  and all of the other adversities of growing up when you have no clue what you’re doing. This, to some extent, is relatable to all of us. We’re all coming of age and many of us are struggling to do so gracefully. I know I am. So if you crave the representation of the emotionally-unstable, thrill-seeking, and utterly lost, and don’t mind the mystifying sound of the polish language accompanied by northern-European dubstep and urban chimes, then you’ll love it. Because that’s what All These Sleepless Nights is: a gorgeous portrayal of the still-figuring-it-out, post-teendom lovers, and philosophically-inclined youth of the 21st century.

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