The High School Bucket List

By Jacqueline Yipp

Life is pretty short, if you think about it. I mean, we have less than a hundred years to do anything our hearts desire, which if you ask me, doesn’t seem like it’s a lot of time. And I have a lot of things I want to accomplish. After all, the world is a big place.

In books and in films, I’ve always heard about bucket lists. Everything you want to do compiled into one list; it’s as organized as it gets. Growing up, I’ve made tons of bucket lists: what to do in the summer, places to visit, the list goes on and on. And now I’ve made my next bucket list: Things to Do Before I Graduate High School. These are all physical activities you can do, but maybe in the future I can add some ones for myself, like becoming more confident. Feel free to add some of my ideas to your bucket lists, and have fun while doing so!

Things to Do Before I Graduate High School

  1.     Participate in a Color/Mud Run – these seem pretty fun, especially if you do it with a group of friends. Getting dirty but having fun creates some pretty nice memories and strong bonds!
  2.     Solve a Rubik’s Cube – you know those cubes that have different colors on them? Yeah, I’ve always wanted to solve one of those. They can be quite difficult to solve, and believe me, I’ve tried plenty of times.
  3.     Have a Road Trip with Friends – this might seem like a stereotypical, cliché goal, but it seems like an ideal adventure: you, your friends, an unlimited amount of music, and the open road (of course, I’ll have to get my driver’s license first).
  4.     Learn a Backflip on a Trampoline – some people might find this to be a little bit silly, but I’ve always secretly admired the people who can do front and backflips. I am not flexible at all, and I can barely do a front flip on a trampoline, let alone do a backflip.
  5.     Go Whitewater Rafting – this might involve money, but it has always seemed fun to go and have a splash of thrill. Why not a better way than to go rafting?
  6.     Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in One Day – I’ve actually never pulled an all-nighter, so that might be another one of my goals too. I’ve seen the sunset plenty of times, and the sunrise a couple, but I’ve never seen both in one day.
  7.     Jump into a Pool Fully Clothed – whenever I’ve seen someone do this, it’s usually a spontaneous, in-the-moment action. However, I’ve always wanted to do this purposefully.
  8.     Go Thrift Shopping – I’ve talked to my friends about this, and I’ve seen shows and read in books about characters who go thrift shopping all the time, and have found really good deals on good clothes. Sounds like my kind of shopping trip!
  9.     Take a Photo Every Day for a Year – this might seem really weird, having 365 pictures of you or random things on your camera roll, but it would be cool to see how you and your perspective on things change throughout the year.
  10.  Go to a TV Show Taping – I’ve always wanted to be the audience that laughs in the background of a show, the ones who applaud and who say “aww” when something romantic happens.
  11.  Write a Novel – writing has always fascinated me, especially creative writing. However, I have tried multiple times to write stories, and I’ve never made it past the second chapter.

12.  Have a Disney Movie Marathon – this has been something I have wanted to accomplish for a while, but have never had the time (or energy) to do it.

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