Cafe Verde

By Isabella Lee

Located on 961 E Green Street in Pasadena, Cafe Verde is a nice place to relax and enjoy brunch.  Cafe Verde is best for breakfast or brunch, so you can eat outside on the little patio, or inside the restaurant to watch the latest game.  The food comes rather quickly, which is impressive due to the small number of staff they have on hand.  Speaking of food, the cafe itself is Spanish or Latin American based, but they also have the choice of the traditional pancakes with eggs and bacon.  I personally recommend the blueberry waffles.  It is not like the usual Belgian waffles, but it is certainly tastier in my opinion.  Also, one of my favorites is the breakfast crepe, served with strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, topped with a yogurt sauce.  The sweetness of the fresh fruits balances the tarty sauce’s flavor.  Although Cafe Verde gets rather busy at times, it has become a family favorite.

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