By Maddie D’Antuono

Beginning of the school year and you already find yourself procrastinating? No worries, you are not the only one. Procrastination is different for everyone. This problem can come in the form of Netflix, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or basically anything that distracts you from being productive.

Procrastination hits all ages: seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshmen, middle schoolers, and even lower schoolers! Senior Ella Rushing ‘16, says, “My favorite way to procrastinate is to go on Facebook. It’s a great distraction from all of the homework I should be doing,” whereas sophomore Emma Linde ‘18 says, “I hate to procrastinate but I do it all the time!” Junior Iris Worley ‘17 remarks, “I think I have a problem, clinically, where my finger cannot stop pressing ‘Next Episode’ because I can’t stop watching 90210 on Netflix!” For those who feel overpowered by prostination, Rachel Dillman ‘16 advises, “Everyone procrastinates, so don’t feel bad about yourself.” Alex Langer ‘17 adds, “Remember, the term is called procrastination, which means you eventually get the work done!”


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