Loyola Dance

By Ella Obico

Io: I went home right after the dance, but before going home my friends and I got lost on the Loyola campus.  We were searching for our car for a really long time, but along the way we met some guys, so that was good!  Once I got home, I was pretty tired so I winded down by watching Hulu and then fell asleep.

Sammy:  This is my second time going to the Loyola dance and it was a lot of fun!  After a long time of moving and dancing around, I was super tired.  I fell asleep really quickly! I fell asleep hard!


I spent the whole dance just having fun and dancing with my friends.  It was a little crazy because there were so many people, but it was really fun to just let loose and have fun with my friends.  After the dance I didn’t do much, I was super tired, so I went straight to bed.


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