How to Calm Down by Using a Pet

By Kara Eng

  1. Be upset. This can be about anything (e.g. a bad grade, an awful day at practice, etc.). There’s no limit to what your pet can cure!
  2. Locate your pet. For me, this can take a while. My dog, Kona, knows my habits and can tell when I’m upset. So, depending on his mood, he will either hide from me or come to me himself. Fortunately, there are only so many places to hide in my house.
  3. Capture your pet (note: you may need to bribe them with food). Pets are whiley creatures. They can sense when you want to hug them and, because they have fur coats, they don’t seem to like it that much. Kona is a Shetland Sheepdog. He was meant to be herding sheep in the Scottish Highlands, not comforting teenage girls in Southern California. He usually tries to run from me when he sees me coming.
  4. Commence with the hugging. Hold on to your pet no matter how much they try to get away. The more you hug them, the less upset you get. At this point, Kona is resigned to me hugging him. He still sneezes to get me to let him go (because he has learned over the years that if he sneezes in my face, I’ll let him go), but he has come to accept it.
  5. Repeat as necessary. Your pet has nothing better to do! It’s not like they have school or a job. Hug them until you feel better. Remember, no matter what you’ve done, your pet will love you. Let them help you feel better!

Upset because I had to drive in the rain. Also because Kona had gotten all wet and was shivering. I’m only somewhat smiling in this picture because Kona was with me.  Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.50.43 PM

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