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Hurricane Matthew: The Aftermath

By Siena Giljum Hurricane Matthew devastated the southeast region of the United States, hitting Florida the hardest. Although the hurricane destroyed houses and countless businesses, health coverage and potable water allowed for a relatively quick recovery. The Caribbean islands, however, were not so well equipped to deal with the spread of disease or lack of

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Women and the Draft

By Stephanie Davis In 1981, the Supreme Court case Rostker v. Goldberg established that only men could be drafted for service in the United States military. This had come after then-president Jimmy Carter had reinstated the Military Selective Service System in 1980, and Congress passed a law establishing a draft that applied to 18 to

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Drug Resistant Bacteria Raises Health Concerns

By Marney Wood Staff Reporter How many times a day do you wash you hands? How often do you use hand sanitizer? Many people aren’t aware that by using antibacterial soaps and antibacterial hand sanitizers, we are actually making the strongest bacteria stronger, while only killing the weaker, less harmful bacteria. Bacteria are everywhere; they’re

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