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Rocketry Team Takes Flight

By Ariel Langer If you visit Westridge’s campus on the weekends you will probably find a group of students in the STEAMwork design studio cutting cardboard tubes, working with power drills, and building creations in 3D printing software. These students are members of Westridge’s Rocketry Team and they are currently preparing for the Team America

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By Sophia Spezialy As an avid take-out consumer, I have researched my share of delivery services. But my current favorite is Door Dash, a service that delivers food from local restaurants right to your door, usually in under an hour. They are one of the few places in Pasadena that gets delivery from favorites like

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A Night at A St. Francis Game

By Grace Collins Go Knights Go! The Saint Francis Knights play against Monrovia at an away game Friday September 18th.  The Knights take their third win- still undefeated this season. Because Westridge does not have their own football team, Friday night football games are always a great way to support the other private schools in

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Rose Court Style

By Caroline Brockett It’s that time of the year again! One of Pasadena’s oldest traditions, the Rose Parade and its Royal Court, call for young women in the Pasadena area to vie for one of seven slots on the court. For the tryout, the Tournament of Roses website asks participants to, “Wear something you feel

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Rose Court Tryouts

By Karina Sloan Every year, seniors from all over the Pasadena area, gather to tryout for the Tournament of Roses Royal Court. The first round starts off with about one thousand girls, and occasionally some boys. Each person is given a number, and then they have fifteen seconds to state their number (no names are

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Women and the Draft

By Stephanie Davis In 1981, the Supreme Court case Rostker v. Goldberg established that only men could be drafted for service in the United States military. This had come after then-president Jimmy Carter had reinstated the Military Selective Service System in 1980, and Congress passed a law establishing a draft that applied to 18 to

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