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Getting A New Piercing

By Ashley Wei My First Time. On a Saturday, after the first couple weeks of school, I did something on impulse; I got my first cartilage piercing. I later decided to just go ahead and add another one too. No Pain, No Gain. “How come you didn’t flinch?? DID IT HURT?” were the first questions

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Catalina Island

By Siena Giljum During the weekend before Columbus Day, I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Catalina Island. But instead of the typical getaway to the city of Avalon, Sophie Grindon ‘18 invited me to travel with her to Howland’s Landing, a cove on the western side of the island. The cove is

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Relaxation and Adventure on Spring Break

By Kelsey Burke As Interim Week comes to an end, many students prepare for a week of relaxation and travel.  Whether it’s going on family trips or focusing on sports, Westridge girls are traveling everywhere this spring break.  Hawaii is a popular destination as both Katherine Kurohara’18 and Ms. Dahl have chosen to spend their

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Prepping for Interim

By Vivienne Li On Tuesday, Feb. 17, all the Upper School students attended their Interim Prep Meetings. This year Westridge offers a wide variety of trips ranging from international excursions to local activities. Trips include Art, Big Sur, Footprints, Glee Club, Indian Ruins, Joshua Tree, Jump In: Baja!, Morocco, School Volunteers, Theatre, Traveling Book Club,

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President’s Day: After

By Kelsey Burke With spring break still being over a month away, Westridge students looked forward to the four day break this past weekend.  Some students used Presidents weekend to go on a weekend trip with their family, but others chose to stay at home.  Everyone took advantage of the long weekend differently.  When asked

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