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The High School Bucket List

By Jacqueline Yipp Life is pretty short, if you think about it. I mean, we have less than a hundred years to do anything our hearts desire, which if you ask me, doesn’t seem like it’s a lot of time. And I have a lot of things I want to accomplish. After all, the world

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The Last Bookstore

    By Maddy Kirschenbaum Looking for a place to hang out in LA with your friends that’s fun and affordable? I’ve got the place for you!  One of Los Angeles’ hidden treasures is The Last Bookstore.  Located on the corner of 5th and Spring, only blocks away from Kazu Nori (hand roll sushi bar),

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Cafe Verde

By Isabella Lee Located on 961 E Green Street in Pasadena, Cafe Verde is a nice place to relax and enjoy brunch.  Cafe Verde is best for breakfast or brunch, so you can eat outside on the little patio, or inside the restaurant to watch the latest game.  The food comes rather quickly, which is

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By Maddie D’Antuono Beginning of the school year and you already find yourself procrastinating? No worries, you are not the only one. Procrastination is different for everyone. This problem can come in the form of Netflix, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or basically anything that distracts you from being productive. Procrastination hits all ages: seniors, juniors, sophomores,

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Netflix Shows

By Katie Gallagher As we transition into fall, new television shows and seasons begin to air on TV.  Fall also marks a time when Netflix starts to add tons of new seasons and shows onto their site for all the people who are in search of a new show to binge watch.  Here are some

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Loyola Dance

By Ella Obico Io: I went home right after the dance, but before going home my friends and I got lost on the Loyola campus.  We were searching for our car for a really long time, but along the way we met some guys, so that was good!  Once I got home, I was pretty

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Old TV Shows

By Chloe Daniel With the rumor of a possible continuation of Zoey 101, there has been a lot of talk about old TV shows! Since there is a wide range of grades at Westridge, there is also a wide variety of shows we grew up watching. Madeline Giddings ’24 enjoys watching Gravity Falls in her

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