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Fall Playlist

By Siena Giljum It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’re back to hitting the books, regretting warm outfit choices by the afternoon, seeking any and all air conditioned refuge, and counting the days until the next holiday. What, that doesn’t sound like an autumnal paradise to you?   Unfortunately the fall solstice is

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Crazy Ex Girlfriend Review

By Isabella Lee Recently, CW launched a new show called Crazy Ex Girlfriend about, as the title suggests, a crazy ex girlfriend.  This show centers around Rebecca Bunch, and her unhealthy obsession with her former high school boyfriend.  Oh, and she randomly bursts into song.  She was a very successful lawyer in New York, but

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Snapchat Filters

By Ashley Fung As students all over the world have been getting back into their school routine, Snapchat has come out with a few new filters to help the transition a little bit more fun. The new Snapchat update allows users to take unique selfies. When you get the camera facing you and press and

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