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Westridge’s Own Student-Pilot: Justine Martin!

By Penelope Boone Most students in the eleventh and twelfth grades at Westridge have their driver’s license, but junior Justine Martin has something even more exciting: a pilot’s license. Keep reading for some questions and answers about being a student-pilot with Justine! Penelope Boone: “When did you get your pilot’s license?” Justine Martin: “I received

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Allyship and the Safety Pin

By Jaya Sadda Ever since the election results came out, with Donald Trump named as our new President elect, many emotions have flooded the campus. Some were disappointed and upset, while others were happy. Some students at Westridge who feared for those of the LGBTQ community, minorities, immigrants, and women after this election began to

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Do Not Disturb: Napping at Westridge

By Quyen Mullin Upper School at Westridge is basically a survival course. Students are running uphill as hard and fast as they can, attempting to carry a load that includes classwork, homework, sports/arts, social lives, family obligations and any kind of downtime they can find to catch up on their favorite shows. It’s no surprise

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The Glass Ceiling is Not Broken… Yet

By Veronica Husmann No matter if you are liberal, conservative, green, white, orange or striped, all of us in the Westridge community can agree that women deserve to be treated equal. The fight for women’s rights has advanced greatly throughout the past 100 years with events like the suffrage movement, the 19th amendment, the Equal

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