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The Glass Ceiling is Not Broken… Yet

By Veronica Husmann No matter if you are liberal, conservative, green, white, orange or striped, all of us in the Westridge community can agree that women deserve to be treated equal. The fight for women’s rights has advanced greatly throughout the past 100 years with events like the suffrage movement, the 19th amendment, the Equal

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Rocketry Team Takes Flight

By Ariel Langer If you visit Westridge’s campus on the weekends you will probably find a group of students in the STEAMwork design studio cutting cardboard tubes, working with power drills, and building creations in 3D printing software. These students are members of Westridge’s Rocketry Team and they are currently preparing for the Team America

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Hurricane Matthew: The Aftermath

By Siena Giljum Hurricane Matthew devastated the southeast region of the United States, hitting Florida the hardest. Although the hurricane destroyed houses and countless businesses, health coverage and potable water allowed for a relatively quick recovery. The Caribbean islands, however, were not so well equipped to deal with the spread of disease or lack of

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