Fall Playlist

By Siena Giljum

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’re back to hitting the books, regretting warm outfit choices by the afternoon, seeking any and all air conditioned refuge, and counting the days until the next holiday. What, that doesn’t sound like an autumnal paradise to you?


Unfortunately the fall solstice is still days away, which means you’ll have to push through at least a few more uncomfortably warm nights. But Spotify – and hopefully I – can be your music-suggesting friends through this slightly sweaty time.


The playlist is linked below, but I wanted to provide a few top hits from the mix and explain why they made the cut. This short 12-song music blend incorporates both old and new releases from a few of my favorite artists. The main criteria was a chill yet progressive tone and rhythm to the piece to set the mood for a productive fall routine. Several of my favorite artists, including COIN, Young the Giant, and Bleachers, accomplish this beautifully.


Without further ado, here are my five top tracks for fall:


  1. “Malibu 1992” – COIN (2017): I discovered COIN before their newest album, How Will You Know If You Never Try, dropped. They certainly haven’t disappointed since, and “Malibu 1992” is a great song for late nights as you finish up the last of your homework. Although the album was released this past spring, autumn is a great time to listen to the yearning ballads and doting melodies. With personal lyrics and a mellow, twangy guitar line, this particular track is one of my favorites off the album.
  2. “The Soundmaker,” – Rodrigo y Gabriela (2014): I was recently introduced to Rodrigo y Gabriela by a teacher at Westridge, and I listened as I cleaned my room that night. “The Soundmaker” is perfect for doing just that, as are many tracks from this classical guitar duo. The two Mexican musicians have a background in heavy metal among other genres, but most often record on a flamenco guitar. Most of their pieces are pretty electrifying, but this one takes a more low-key approach.
  3. “Don’t Take the Money” – Bleachers (2017): Jack Antonoff, lead guitarist of the well-known indie rock band fun., began creating his own music under the name Bleachers about three years ago. Until this summer I had only heard his first single, “I Wanna Get Better.” “Don’t Take the Money” struck me as a more sophisticated and thoughtful development on the style of his first release, and he presents a nice harmonic balance between verses and choruses. The track was dubbed “an epic uplifting pop-rock anthem ultimately about how when love is real, it’s worth everything that comes along with it” by Atwood Magazine. I can’t disagree because I’ve never dug that deep while listening, which is usually when I need a kickstarter on a big project.
  4. “Cough Syrup” – Young the Giant (2011): You’ve probably heard this classic tune by Young the Giant even if you don’t know it by name. Well, now you do! The guitar and charmingly simple harmonies in “Cough Syrup” are deserving of all the praise they’ve received – and four minutes and nine seconds of your time. An angsty yet upbeat track, it’s a perfect jam for getting perspective on this crazy thing called life.
  5. “Wish I Knew You” – The Revivalists: (2015): I found this song two years past its release, but better late than never. The Revivalists do a wonderful job of combining romantic longing with a unique music style (this one has a saxophone!!). You can’t help bopping your head to the sweet lyrics of “Wish I Knew You,” and this playlist needed a classic dose of hope-FALL cheer.


And the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the complete playlist! Here’s a nifty Spotify widget – just click to open it in the app or on your computer.


Kick back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of an escaping summer. Just kidding – do your Physics homework (but listen while you do)!

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