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Must Try Snacks

By Isabella Bautista Upon hitting the most stressful year of high school, I’ve started to value the importance of a hard-earned, calorie-filled snack. Sitting through eight hours of courses can be exhausting, especially at such a rigorous (and awesome) school as ours. Westridge girls work hard and definitely deserve every pick-me-up we ingest. In my

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Cafe Verde

By Isabella Lee Located on 961 E Green Street in Pasadena, Cafe Verde is a nice place to relax and enjoy brunch.  Cafe Verde is best for breakfast or brunch, so you can eat outside on the little patio, or inside the restaurant to watch the latest game.  The food comes rather quickly, which is

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Crazy Ex Girlfriend Review

By Isabella Lee Recently, CW launched a new show called Crazy Ex Girlfriend about, as the title suggests, a crazy ex girlfriend.  This show centers around Rebecca Bunch, and her unhealthy obsession with her former high school boyfriend.  Oh, and she randomly bursts into song.  She was a very successful lawyer in New York, but

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By Sophia Spezialy As an avid take-out consumer, I have researched my share of delivery services. But my current favorite is Door Dash, a service that delivers food from local restaurants right to your door, usually in under an hour. They are one of the few places in Pasadena that gets delivery from favorites like

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Interdisiplinary Studies

By Isabella Bautista As I went through the college search, the words “interdisciplinary education” popped up more times than I can recall. By that point, most of the students had already dozed off or made up their mind about how they felt about that school. Regardless, I’m pretty sure none of us understood what they were

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Catalina Island

By Siena Giljum During the weekend before Columbus Day, I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Catalina Island. But instead of the typical getaway to the city of Avalon, Sophie Grindon ‘18 invited me to travel with her to Howland’s Landing, a cove on the western side of the island. The cove is

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A Day at LACMA

By Marissa Aivazis On Tuesday, October 27, photography students spent the day at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Downtown LA. Upon arriving at the museum, students ate lunch provided by the school and then went off to see the exhibits. There were three required exhibitions students had to visit: Magic Medium, Modern

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