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Spring Spirit Week: Workout Wednesday

By Katie Gallagher This year’s spring spirit week welcomed a new spirit day:  Workout Wednesday! This weeks themes also included Superhero Day and Animal Day (In-n-Out included!).  People got dressed up in their favorite workout attire and felt comfortable and sporty all day long.  A few students could be seen on campus dressed in 80’s

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Homeward Bound: Alumnae Day

By Sara Lemus March 20 marked an important day on campus, as it is alumnae day. Women from all different graduating years have returned to see all the exciting things that have been happening here on campus. They joined together to chat and catch up with food in the commons, and later pursued their own individual tours

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Relaxation and Adventure on Spring Break

By Kelsey Burke As Interim Week comes to an end, many students prepare for a week of relaxation and travel.  Whether it’s going on family trips or focusing on sports, Westridge girls are traveling everywhere this spring break.  Hawaii is a popular destination as both Katherine Kurohara’18 and Ms. Dahl have chosen to spend their

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