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Prepping for Interim

By Vivienne Li On Tuesday, Feb. 17, all the Upper School students attended their Interim Prep Meetings. This year Westridge offers a wide variety of trips ranging from international excursions to local activities. Trips include Art, Big Sur, Footprints, Glee Club, Indian Ruins, Joshua Tree, Jump In: Baja!, Morocco, School Volunteers, Theatre, Traveling Book Club,

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President’s Day: After

By Kelsey Burke With spring break still being over a month away, Westridge students looked forward to the four day break this past weekend.  Some students used Presidents weekend to go on a weekend trip with their family, but others chose to stay at home.  Everyone took advantage of the long weekend differently.  When asked

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President’s Day: Before

By Kara Burke Since there is a lot of time between winter break and spring break, presidents weekend is something that many students look forward to.  With parent teacher conferences on friday and presidents day off on monday, students get more time to relax. Some students even talk this time to gon trips with their

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Fifth Grade Math Presentations

By Katie Gallagher Last week, the fifth grade class held presentations on the ancient number systems.  The fifth graders studied the Babylonian, Mayan, Egyptian, and Roman number systems.  For the project, each student was paired up with another classmate and assigned a different number system.  The pairs researched their number system and created PowerPoint presentations.

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Spring Sports Kick Off

By Samantha Khalsa 2/17/15 This past Tuesday, February 17th, the Spring Sports season began with practices for Track and Field, Swimming, Lacrosse, and Softball.  While some students transitioned directly from their winter sport practices, others have spent the last week conditioning afterschool with Coach Kaaron Conwright, who runs Strength and Conditioning and coaches Track and

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Basketball: CIF Playoffs

By Ella Obico On February 19, basketball will play their first CIF playoff game of the season.  Varsity Basketball has had a great season with only two losses. Their strength and skill has helped them win throughout their season.  The upcoming CIF playoff is causing a lot of excitement for most of the team. Many

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Coming to a Close

By Stephanie Davis ’17 Varsity basketball battled the Polytechnic Panthers Thursday night for not only a win but a second place in the Prep League. While it was a long game, down by 14 in the first quarter, then within one basket of Poly’s lead, the Tigers ultimately lost the match. However, the loss will

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