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Sing of a Merry Holiday: Madrigals Tour

By Muse Lee The Madrigals just wrapped up a series of seven holiday performances at various venues around Pasadena. The performance series began on December 6th and ended on December 19, the last day of school before Winter Break. Here’s a rundown of the performances: December 6: Pasadena Symphony Associations Home Tour Our very first

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Town Meeting: December 8, 2014

By Sophia Forgetta Spezialy As the Westridge students filed into the gym for Town Meeting, which occurs once every six days, we all wondered what the upcoming performance was going to be. Soon after everyone calmed and settled down, we watched Sheridan Marsh ’16 as she played a beautiful piece by Chopin on the piano.

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Is the Commons Line Way Too Long?

By Sara Lemus Middle School lunch lines go by relatively quickly, at least compared to the Upper School lunches. With the freshman and sophomore classes both having a staggering eighty or more students, and of course with the addition of both the juniors and seniors, a lot of students have to get their lunches. A

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Town Meeting: December 1, 2014

By Samantha Chean-Udell As we all walked into the extremely dark PAC, we all wondered what was going on. Was it a showing of the play that was opening that weekend, Rabbit Hole? Was there going to be a seemingly stunning surprised that would only be revealed once the blanket of darkness lifted? Turns out

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