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Pajama Day

By Kara Burke Every year, the week leading up to Thanksgiving Break is Spirit Week.  Starting on Tuesday, each day will have a certain theme until Friday, which is the day of the Yam Festival. This morning, students just rolled out of bed and went to school.  There was no need to change since it

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Yam Festival: A Celebration of Yams

Sara Lemus and Shamilka Seneviratne The atmosphere on the last day before Thanksgiving Break was filled with even more excitement around the Westridge campus, as today was the long awaited day of the Yam Festival. Almost all of the student body came dressed in assorted browns and oranges, just in the fashion of yams. Students,

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The Secret is Out: The Latke Recipe

By Marney Wood Happy Yam Festival! Here’s the yam latke recipe for all the yam lovers out there! These are great Thanksgiving treats! Westridge Sweet Potato Latke Recipe Quantity: Makes 8-10 cups batter. Modify for mass production. Ten batches make about 24 quarts of batter. Ingredients 4 large garnet yams, peeled and coarsely grated 2-3

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Winter Sports Recognition

By Quincy Foster Westridge celebrated its winter sports with a recognition in PAC that included awards as well as the ever popular, vanilla and strawberry cake. Tennis, volleyball, cross country, and golf were all a part of the recognition. The recognition started with all of the teams in PAC, with a slideshow playing with pictures

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Town Meeting: November 13, 2014 – Thanksgiving

Serena Lewin and Katie Bender Friday’s Town Meeting featured Cami Roberts singing Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together.’ This town meeting was special because many prospective students from Sequoia were visiting our campus for the day. They visited many classes getting the full Westridge high school experience. During town meeting the unanimous drumroll revealed Anabel ‘17 as

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